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Haight-Masonic Laboratories is pleased to present the first three CD releases by The Fat Man and Team Fat, the world’s most famous composers of computer game music.

The Fat Man
All of our Fat Man releases are now available online directly from The Fat Man.

Who is The Fat Man?

A gigabyte-size legend. San Diego Union-Tribune

The undisputed king of computer game music. Dallas Morning News

The Fat Man is the Cecil B. DeMille of interactive music. Jon Ewing, PC Power (UK)

The Fat Man sets the standard by which other scores are measured. Warren Sirota, PC World

He doesn’t gyrate like Elvis or croon like Sinatra. But to computer game afficionados across the nation, George Sanger is a musical superstar. Scott Rothschild, Associated Press

When the discussion turns to the most often-heard Austin musicians, the names of Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughan and, of course, The Fat Man pop up. Austin Business Journal

The Fat Man has become one of the first true stars of multimedia and interactivity. Don Menn, Multimedia World

The Music

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SURF.COM (HML 1000) has a sticker that says “Texas Surf Music for a Communist Game Show,” so it must be true. Soviet dance rhythms and disco game show themes combine with classic reverb-soaked guitars, all mastered in awesomely FAT vacuum tube sound. Psychedelic, in the Texan sense of the word. Occasionally silly; often haunting.

Phil Dirt of KFJC: “SURF.COM is a wonderfully bizarre sidetrip on the road to Malibu. A smile and a sense of well-being crept into my bones. I am forever changed.”

Credits and a track list for SURF.COM can be found here.

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7 / 11
(HML 1001) is 60+ minutes of original music composed for two of the most popular CD-ROM games of all time. Suitably atmospheric, occasionally toe-tapping and humorous, with lively arrangements and slick production values. Features the indescribable “Mr. Death,” with vocals by Axel and Miles Dietrich of European Sex Machine.

A reviewer for Computer Gaming World magazine wrote, “If I were to single out the strongest and most distinctive contribution to the unparalleled atmosphere created in [the game], it would be the music employed. Turn out the lights, turn up the volume and prepare for that inevitable chill to run down the spine.”

Credits, lyrics and a track list for 7 / 11 are available here.

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Flabby Rode
(HML 1002) explores the dark underside of the Fat Man in a collection which, on the surface, appears to consist of innocent children's songs, silly action-game marches and boastful Texan ditties. Only na´ve listeners will be fooled by the atmosphere of humor and whimsy which pervades this subtly disturbing volume.

Johnny Wilson, editor of Computer Gaming World magazine, remarked, “Hes our Henry Mancini, our John Williams.” We confidently assume that he was referring to The Fat Man.

Credits, lyrics and a track list for Flabby Rode are right here.

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For more about The Fat Man and Team Fat, visit their official Web ranch at http://www.fatman.com.

“The Fat Man” and “Team Fat” are registered trademarks of Big Fat Inc. Used by permission.

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